We are happy to say that 17 teams are registered for Strikeouts For Katie 2017!  This is the fourth annual SFK tournament & we are excited for the games to begin on Saturday, August 26.

Even if you aren’t playing please stop down for some good food, to purchase raffle tickets, T-Shirts, and watch some of the games.  We’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday starting at 11:00!

STRIKEOUTS FOR KATIE is less than a week away.  Here are few important housekeeping items:

  • NO METAL CLEATS – There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • NO PETS – This is a Little League rule.
  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – This is a Little League rule.
  • Batters will start with one (1) strike – This is new this year.  There are no walks and 3rd strike foul is an out.

As a reminder a complete list of rules can be found at “Rules & Regulations.”

This is a fundraiser and we’ll have plenty of food in the shack so please do not bring any outside food.

Here are the starting times for Saturday, August 26:

7:30 – 10:00 AM – REGISTRATIONAll teams must report to the registration table at the ball park entrance to make sure every team is registered.

  • Teams scheduled to play at 9:00 are to register their teams between 7:30 and 8:30 AM
  • Teams scheduled to play at 10:15 or later are to register their teams no later than 10:00 AM


9:00 AM – GAMES.  The following teams will be playing at 9:00 AM.
Swisher Sweets
Staldi Stallions
No Glove No Love
Back Door Sliders
Free Agents
Dtown Homiez
Cos Girls
Pitches Be Crazy

10:15 AM – GAMES.   The following teams will be playing at 10:15 AM.
Bats Hit Crazy
The Wolves
Veteran Whippets
Kapone’s Club
Burrell’s Babies
Drunkin Donuts
Katie’s Kin

11:30 AM – GAMES.
Ball Busters
Second round games